Dhed dhamak, half bill

Reactions and responses

‘Now everyone in Telangana and Delhi understood that how Seemandhra leaders habituated and looted Telangana. Their harakiri and their undemocratic behaviour proved that how Telangana is suffering at their hands.’

‘Dhed dhamak waalonko full bill Kaisa diktha? Kabhee half bill bolthe, kabhee duplicate bill bolthe aur kabhee draft bill bolthe…ye pagal hai kyah? abtak attarah states banaa hua… A nayaa hai kyah? Ye jane Delhiwaalonse jaadaa smajtha kyah?’
‘Intha thondi manushulanu, intha neethileni manushulanaa Manam inthakalam mana nayakulugaa moshaamu? Veella peeda viragadayyedaakaa Telanganaku musthi ledu’

‘We are in the last leg of United Andhra Pradesh. Everything is moving in right direction.now nobody can stop Telangana. They are trying to provoke and create law and order problem. Restraint is the need of the hour. Be united and shunt out the Seemandhra leadership’.

‘Political freedom from Seemandhra leadership is real freedom for Telangana. If somebody depends on B forms and election funding from Seemandhra leadership, it means they are surrendering their freedom to the other region’.


Author: kattashekar

Editor, Namasthe Telangana Daily, Hyderabad

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