AP 15 percent means 31 percent in Telangana

CNN-IBN, Lokniti survey find that TRS will get 15 percent vote in Andhra Pradesh, where as TDP 22, YSRCP 25, Congress 19, BJP 3 percent and others 16 percent. Basing on that it gave seat projections also.

But it is too early to draw political out come in the state as the situation is so fluid. Post division polarisation will make all the difference. Which party aligns with which party also alter the political equations. It seemsTDP is certain to align with BJP in both regions.

One thing is clear that as on today in Telangana TRS is seems to be very strong. If we calculate 15 percent vote only for Telangana region, it will come to more than 31 percent. But the fortunes in Telangana will depend on relations between TRS and Congress.


Author: kattashekar

Editor, Namasthe Telangana Daily, Hyderabad

2 thoughts on “AP 15 percent means 31 percent in Telangana”

  1. It is surprising that TRS is not going to sweep Telangana region on its own… i.e if we can believe that survery…

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