Mekavannepululu pululu kaalevu

Telangana drohulu Nava Telangana nirmathalu kaaleru

Watch the leaders,
who were touring villages and cities,
who were posing as if they fought for Telangana,
who were claiming as if they are heirs of Telangana legacy,
who were assuring a bright, new Telangana,
who were making tall claims of sacrifices for Telangana,
and judge them.

If these leaders,
stood for Telangana and fought for it, before 2009 itself Telangana state come in to reality.

If these leaders,
fought for Telangana unitedly, new state might have come three years back itself.

If these leaders,
came forward to do slightest sacrifices, 1200 youth of Telangana might not be sacrificed.

If these leaders,
came to the rescue of students and youth, who fought with Andhra establishment and police Telangana might not be delayed to this end.

It is time to fight back these black sheeps and expose them to core.


Author: kattashekar

Editor, Namasthe Telangana Daily, Hyderabad

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