Who done, what on Krishna water dispute?

Collective failure

Bachawat Award expired on 31st May 2000. Central Government might have appointed new tribunal then itself. Then NDA Government was surviving on the valuable support of TDP MP’s. NDA Government might have offered what ever portfolio TDP boss wished. But Chandra Babu denied his party MP’s to be part of Government and taking ministerial berths. At least he might have influenced Central Government to settle the issue then itself. He neither utilised United Government nor NDA Government to solve the problem. He does nothing.

map with  and numbers

Then YS Rajashekar Reddy came. UPA Government appointed Brijesh Kumar Tribunal. YSR Government wrote that Andhra Pradesh won’t claim surplus water in Krishna. In anticipation of demanding additional dependable water from tribunal, YSR regime wrote that letter. But he forget to appoint a right person to fight the case. With 33 MP’s in hand he did nothing at Centre. Then he died. No one knows the threads of the issue. Everybody taken the issue lightly. Rosaiah and Kiran had no time to look in to the matter. They preoccupied with political firefighting.

Chandra Babu and his men, who now rushed to Supreme Court to with hefty fee legal luminaries to stop Telangana Bill, might have hired big and tall advocates to fight the Karnataka and Maharasthra arguments. But then everybody in sleep.

Now the Brijesh Tribunal Award was announced. Andhra Pradesh was allocated 1005 TMCs of dependable water. Let us distribute equitably among the regions with due respect to riparian rights. Surplus water cannot be stopped at any stage by any state if season supports. Necessarily Surplus water has to flow downward.


Author: kattashekar

Editor, Namasthe Telangana Daily, Hyderabad

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