Who gave birth to Naxalism?

Who ruled this state for fifty years?

Who made Hyderabad a hub of terrorists?

Gampedu chepalu thinna pilli, shaakaaharam gurinchi upanyasamiste elaa untundi(the cat which ate full bowl of fish, preaching the importance of to be vegetarian)?

Yes. Most of the Top level Maoist leaders are from Andhra Pradesh. But they were compelled to enter in to the Maoist movement, when the democratic aspirations of Telangana people were failed or crushed by the Seemandhra establishment in 1969.

Naxalism was born, grown and fell down in United Andhra Pradesh itself under the noses of no-sense and non-sense Chief Ministers of Andhra Pradesh like Kirankumar Reddy, Chandrababu. Threat of Naxalism is a guise to defend and extend their rule of loot and grab. Lies cannot stand for the test of the history.

During 57 years of United Andhra Pradesh, Seemandhra leaders ruled this state for about fifty years. Who is responsible for growth of Naxalism and who killed hundreds of youth with cold blooded encounters? Why some of brilliant, well educated and intelligent youth were driven to Naxalism? Whose failure it was?

Why the ‘best governed’ Hyderabad youth are joining the killer cells of terrorists, if this government has done well? Why bomb blasts were became order of the life in Hyderabad, if Kiran is so efficient and capable?

A rain of lies, a bundle of half truths cannot win a war on Telangana.


About kattashekar

Editor, Namasthe Telangana Daily, Hyderabad
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