Harikatha : A mesmerising story telling

After a long time, today, on the auspicious day of Kartheeka Pournami, I had experienced a great style of storytelling I.e Harikatha by Mogilicharla Nagalaxmi Bhagavatharini. The story is Srikrishna Rayabharam. Place is at open terrace of The Slate School, Abids, Hyderabad. Host is Vasireddy Amarnath.

Most mesmerising, refreshing and heart throbbing. Her song, word and narration made every one spell bound. Rayabharam is all about politics and manoeuvres before war. Pandava’s after Vanavasam and Agnathavasam claim their share of Kingdom. Kaurava’s rejects to give even five villages. Peace talks fail. Rayabharam fails.

Mahabharata resembles most of our contemporary politics. It’s political science, social history, management and moral science, etc.. This generation is missing various forms of cultural reflections.

When I was working with Velugu project, I had the fortune of visiting Adibhatla Narayanadasu house in Vijayangaram district rural. I remember how we spent hours and hours of night to hear Harikatha and Bhagotham in the early years of my life.


Author: kattashekar

Editor, Namasthe Telangana Daily, Hyderabad

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