Kiran failing himself and his party;

High command failed to reign in Kiran and Andhra leaders
Both were failing Andhra Pradesh people

Chief Minister Kirankumar Reddy at the helm of affairs in Andhra Pradesh, Congress high command is digging its own grave politically. Kiran Reddy failed the high command’s attempts to solve the long pending turmoil in the state. Kiran changed his often pronounced stance that he will abide by the high commands decision.

And also now he is behaving like as if he is not party to high commands decision. He is throwing entire blame on high command to save his personal space at the cost of party’s political space. He is abdicating his duty to lead the party in troubled times. He is behaving like any opposition leader.

He is aiding, guiding and adding fuel to fire very frequently as an agitator. He is functioning more as a Seemandhra leader than a Chief Minister. Congress high command failed to handle Kiran and other Andhra leaders.

Is it true that Congress high command kept Andhra leaders in the dark?

Congress high command gave enough signals that they were moving forward on Telangana many a times. Sonia Gandhi herself told with Seemandhra establishment that the decision was informed well in advance. But why this volte face by Kiran and co.

Is it true that high command took the decision without any consultations?

Since last three and half years lot of churning has been done. Srikrishna Committee after having extensive consultations with all cross sections of the society gave a detailed report, with six options. Three times all party meetings were held in Delhi. So far no issue was gone through this much consultation process.

Is it true that Kiran is speaking on behalf of people?

Then which people he is representing? On behalf of whom he is speaking? Is he prepared to disown Telangana people? Why he did not advocated for Samaikyandhra earlier? Is he playing to his own gallery in Andhra?

Author: kattashekar

Former Editor, Namasthe Telangana Daily

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