End of politics and ideologies

Corruption Offshoot Jaganmohan Reddy;

Fast breed Capitalists Lagadapati, Venugopal Reddy, Sujana Choudary, Contractors Kavuri, Mekapati, Tobacco baron cum contractor Rayapati;

Once revolutionary Editor ABK Prasad, great old journalist V.Hanumantha Rao, once Marxist ideologue Annapaneni Gandhi;

A modern symbol of political opportunism Parakala Prabhakar, a person who stands for nothing and vouches for everything Chalasani Srinivas…all are on the same page. Thank god. No more pretensions. No more dialectics. No more logics.

No differentiation of oppressed and oppressor.

No differentiation of democratic right and hegemonist right.

No division of majority and minority.

No classification of good, bad and right and wrong.

End of ideologies, end of politics, end of classes.

Tragedy of Andhra politics!