Surveys that Organised and Orchestrated

Basing on C-Voter survey Media jockeys are started to show TDP in a big picture, actually which is not. Did you ever saw Eenadu Daily publishing a private survey in first page in such a big way? Did you saw a newspaper publishing survey and Chandrababus response on it simultaneously? But these two newspapers do alike as if they planned combined.

The survey and its presentation and Babus reaction….all are organised and orchestrated. When election coming to close this type of attack and psychological warfare will be taken to peaks. Already these two newspapers started high pitch onslaught on TRS and YSRCP.

Tragedy of TDP in Telangana is nothing to say good or nothing achieved to boast. They became mere spectators to this decade of struggles for Telangan. Neither they fought for people issues nor for Telangana. Hence they chosen the path of mudslinging on TRS and its leader. They are fighting for Chandrababus existence not for Telanganas existence. They became mouth pieces of Seemandhra Hegemony.

C-Voter doing surveys all these years. But for very few occasions they went wrong. More of political biased and directional.

Author: kattashekar

Former Editor, Namasthe Telangana Daily

One thought on “Surveys that Organised and Orchestrated”

  1. Correct Reddy garu…… the survey is telling 9 MP seats the TDP will win……Which constituencies… that to in Telangana…

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