A Lesson for TRS

Once again it is proved that peacetime election cannot help any party heading movement, like TRS. TRS is distancing itself from various political groups and forces of movement. TRS, which is considered as vanguard of T movement, strategically or for other reasons, kept movement at low pace. This is demoralizing the forces and increasing disillusionment among them. Prioritizing of winning elections in 2014, than achieving Telangana also disturbing the Telanganites.

In the past also we have this experience. In 2006, KCR won from Karimnagar Lok Sabha Constituency with thundering success, with all out support of Telangana forces. Whereas, same party lost half of its assembly seats in 2008 by-elections, just because it lost the support of Telangana forces. And also, people did not welcome the same weapon of elections again and again, without keeping the movement live. Any weapon cannot be misused or overused. Must use sparingly.

During MLC elections also TRS has done same mistakes. They did not maintain the tempo of movement and for no reasons kept the guns silent. Then, selected a wrong candidate, unilaterally against a teacher’s leader, who stood in the front row of movement. TRS cannot take it for granted while choosing the pace of movement or opting for elections. They must sail with the wind, take the forces in to confidence and run the show or else they must prepare for setbacks.


Author: kattashekar

Former Editor, Namasthe Telangana Daily

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