What is the Process of New State Formation?

 Time is running out: Congress is killing the time

 “Political will and Parliament Bill are enough for formation of Telangana State as per the Constitutional procedures and requirements. Neither the consent of Andhra Pradesh Assembly, nor the Amendment to the Constitution is required for carving out a new territory from the boundaries of present Andhra Pradesh state.”[1]

  1. Union Cabinet has to take Political decision and get the bill readied by Home ministry and whetted by Law Ministry.
  2. The bill should be sent to the President.
  3. President will refer the resolution to state assembly with stipulated time (45 or 60 days).
  4. Assembly must return it with in the period stipulated by President or if not got in time, will be treated expired and can put in process.
  5. President will send it to Parliament through Union Government.
  6. Parliament both houses have to approve the bill with simple majority.
  7. The state formation constitutional process will be over and execution will start.
  8. Then Union Government will form a tri-partite committee to see the division implemented.

Time is running out. In the wake of early general elections, political instability, is it possible to complete the state formation process?  As per political analysts, UPA may opt to go for elections in the months of November and December along with six other state assembly elections. It means we have only 8 months of time to achieve or fail. States formation is simple process. If UPA wills, it can complete in three months. But if it wishes to drag, it may complicate and struck down at any stage.

Every time for some reasons or others, Congress is dragging the issue to future date. It cannot be trusted and postpone the movement.  Let us build the pressure as much as Congress cannot bear. Let us not become the spectator of Congress’s game plan.  Congress is all the way acting double roll, sometimes as ‘giver’ and other time as ‘not giver’.  By this drama it’s stalling political polarization in Telangana and also trying to diluting Telangana temperature. Let the forces of Telangana not rest, until the goal achieved.

[1] Madhabhushi Sridhar Acharyalulu, “Concurrence Of Legislature: Not A Constitutional Requirement For Telangana Formation”, Published on 12-12-2009, http://indiacurrentaffairs.org/concurrence-of-legislature-not-a-constitutional-requirement-for-telangana-formation-madabhushi-sridha/ Last Accessed 8 August, 2010

Author: kattashekar

Former Editor, Namasthe Telangana Daily

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