Center may Dodge T issue till March End: No option, But Telangana

Hyderabad, February 5, 2013:

Central Government is planning to dodge the Telangana issue till March end of this year to facilitate that the Central and State budgets passed peacefully. Parliament budget session may be commenced around 20th February and Center will present its budget on Last day of February. Normally it will be get approved by March 20th or few days more.

Usually Andhra Pradesh assembly sessions begins around 10th February and Budget may come up before 20th February. But this time State Government is planning to start the session by March 11th or so. Within a few days Budget will be presented. At any circumstances Budget to be approved by the Assembly by 31st of March, which is last working day of financial year.

It may be noted that this time Government may not go get easy on the floor of the House, as the strength of Congress is dwindling day by day.  Telangana issue and suicides of youths will give a challenge to the Budget sessions. Center’s top priority is to get the nod for Central Budget. After that only Telangana issue may come up for solution.

Meanwhile, to save their flak from resignations and defections and also complete the consultation process, Congress is engaging the State leaders in various forms. This will continue till the Budget is approved. After that only, Center may take final decision on Telangana. Center has no option except giving Telangana, as the other alternatives are not workable or politically beneficial.

In the given situation, Congress cannot choose a devilish thought of Territorial Council, which needs Constitutional amendment and also two third majority approvals in Parliament. The news on Territorial Council is a leaks game played by Center and Anti-Telangana lobby. Whereas to form a new state, simple majority is enough in the House.




Author: kattashekar

Former Editor, Namasthe Telangana Daily

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