Hindu and some English Journos Spewing venom on T Movement

Today I read Hindu Newspaper and some news online by English Journalists.  They didn’t recognize the strength of Sunday’s March.  But they tried to find the holes in the movement. There are two news items in Hindu. One is telling that TRS is losing the ground and TJAC scored over it. Another is on regarding Maoists presence in the March. These two items are targeted and motivated. They want to bury the name and fame the March got under these mud carpets.   Without TRS, BJP, CPI and TNGO’s massive participation, March might not have succeeded in this way. It is a combined effort. You can understand well, what happened, when all political parties including TRS and TNGO’s went out with their masses.  But anti-Telangana mind set don’t want to see the fact.  These people are always be searching for blacker side of happenings. This type of thinking is nothing but a form of confirmation of bias, wishful writings.  One cannot divide Telangana movement at this stage. Telangana March proved that if situation demands, all forces will come to one platform. Some sections of OUJAC opposed the March and then joined it with their mighty. Gaddar once heckled the March, but later he participated in it. In the beginning TRS not party to March call, but finally they sprung in to the March. March became big success nevertheless of repression and blockades. But Hindu editors proved that journalistic principle of proximity is perfectly working with them. I am sorry to say this. But, proved fact many a times. Then regarding Maoists presence! State and Central Governments pronounced many times that, they successfully eradicated Maoism from AP and also asked all other states take AP as a model.  But these biased minds don’t want to acknowledge that and always be trying to paint Telnagana as Maoist base. They forgot that Maoism saw its peaks in United Andhra, when Andhra establishment is at the helm of affairs.  Hindu doing this way is not the first time. Another Journo with First Post tried to belittle the Movement and to prove that there is no Telangana sentiment in Hyderabad, showing response to Bandh as an example.  Conveniently he closed his eyes to the fact that no political party, which are votaries of Telangana supported for Bandh.  And also, the man earlier, who worked with NDTV forgot that Hyderabad earlier seen many Bandhs for Telangana.  In December 2009 Hyderabad observed complete shutdown for two days. Is it problem of short memory or convenient ignorance? These people make big judgments and general statements basing on bits and pieces and also the same people depend on bits and pieces to reject general strength of a movement or sentiment.  These types of writings should be exposed and condemned.

Author: kattashekar

Former Editor, Namasthe Telangana Daily

One thought on “Hindu and some English Journos Spewing venom on T Movement”

  1. The Hindu in Andhra Pradesh has turned yellow shedding its red robes. Every information of NCB of TDP becomes a news for it. A conscious attempt to portray a good image for NCB. And on every occasion it tries to malign the movement. At the same time it constructs news of semmandhra movement. For example, today’s news of people of Anantapur protesting CNB against his letter on Telangana. A big farce. The locals of Seemandhra laugh at it. The seemandhra capitalists show these news to the Congress high command to change thier mind. We must do something to counter it democratically. Otherwise the news of The Hindu is carried to the nation as real, because, unfortunately it has the image of a good news paper. We must approach the Press Council highlighting the bad reporting by The Hindu.

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